FUQs - Sustainability


But isn’t fashion like ruining the pandas? -Anon.

  I think you're talking about that home-wrecking 'fast fashion'. I understand that people stampeding into shops to buy multiple sketchily sourced Christmas belly tops only to throw them out a month later is bad. But we aren’t fast fashion. We make things to order to  reduce waste and to encourage appreciation. We want you to buy something you’ll love, wear and take care of.

“So where did it come from - where did it go – where did it come from Cotton Eye Joe?” -This question is from the 90’s band Rednex

You're right Rednex. Sustainability is important. I’ve tried to blend my love for colours, fashion, drawing, nature, and childlike wonder with a sustainable future in mind. I don’t even have kids so this is very mature of me indeed. So what does that mean -well nothing gets made here unless you will it so (and pay – you must pay).

How it Works:

  • You browse our lovely designs.
  • You chose the one for you and/or all your friends and family.
  • We get to a’making.... we stoppa talking like'a Mariooo
  • We know you’ll be patient as you know this is being made especially for you.
Mature Side Note: During the production of our goods, impacts on the environment are minimised through effective pollution prevention practices, waste reduction & natural resource conservation.
  • We print and/or stitch your goods closest to your shipping address to cut down on carbon footprint and general senselessness
  • We send it out.
  • You receive it and bathe in the loveliness of it all babe.
Cheddar Maturer Side Note: We keep up to date with our partner companies to hear about ways that they have and are further still working on reducing their water and energy usage and waste production.
  • We'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have at gingerplait@gmail.com

 What about the pandas? I don’t believe you answered my question about the pandas -Anon

 Oh sorry, that’s probably because I’m not sure I understood it fully. What I can say is that our official stance here is that pandas are very good.