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“Head of a social media platform here. I wear the same thing every day to help me simplify my life and so that people won’t realise I’m a privacy stealing robot. 1000101010101010. What makes you care about clothes and fashion?”

If that’s what you love then you go for it man robot. Personally - I love fashion. I love colours. I love dreaming into crayon boxes. I love well dressed looks and creatively put together outfits. I like fabrics and the self-expression that comes from it all. I think fashion helps us artistically communicate who we are. I suppose little daily art you can live in. Curious? Then why not try some of  my designs?

 Collection Inspiration

This next question is from every precocious child from any TV panel show.

Where does your inspiration come from? Paris-Mozart, Age 6

Well as I said Paris-Mozart - I’ve always loved colours and drawing and whatnot, but I suppose Ginger Plait is a pandemic baby really. 2020 has been pretty grim, but sure, as a once respected and loved author wrote into a wizards mouth, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

The time away from work gave me the opportunity to work on some of my more creative pursuits. So...

Princess Diaries is about expectation of online platforms versus the reality of having to live in a human body suit. This is a topic I think about a lot. So much so I illustrated a poem about it. If you’re interested you can see it on the Youtube. It’s called ‘The Apple of Discord – A Modern Day Fairy Tale’. You might want to get Mum and Dad’s permission before watching it first though.

Blob 4 Life is sort of taking a satirical and cute (:-) look at the fast-changing, chaotic pace of modern trends. I always thought the blobfish was just an adorable hot mess, but I recently learned that the poor blobfish only looks like that above water. Deep down in the ocean it just looks like any other little fish, but when it is pulled up to the surface it’s body loses form with the pressure of it all. #relatable

The Feck collection is inspired by the global pandemic… which sounds grim to be fair. I don’t know about ye, but the madness of daily life during a pandemic was a bit of a mind feck altogether. I’m lucky in that I live near the sea so I was able to go for lovely long denial based walks every day during lockdown. Then as I was looking around at all the beautiful nature I’d suddenly remember there was a highly contagious yet sometimes asymptomatic virus rapidly making its way across the planet. And so the ‘Feck’ collection was born.

Billy Roll is a sort of salty ham-clown luncheon meat that was often given to children in the 90s in their packed lunches. So disgusting and distinctive that no-one who grew up in Ireland will forget it's little menacingly meaty face. I talk a big game but actually I was one of those kids who always wanted it in the supermarket, but our mum loved us too much to let us have it so I can only imagine...and imagine I did ... so much so I made a collection based on it this many years later. Turns out I'm not alone though as Billy Roll is one of our most popular collections. #neverforget