FUQs - Pricing


Our last question today has come in from Fred Elliott from Coronation Street

How come I can go down shops and get six shirts and a sausage-mash pie for 2p and you’re charging me almost thrice that?

Great question Fred. Well a lot of the price you’re paying goes towards the following;

Tailor-made Goodness and Artist Fee. Don’t forget your items are being made just for you so you’re paying a little extra for bespoke beauties that take individual time and care to make. You won’t get that down shops. You’re a fancy bastad now Fred.

VAT. As we are based in Ireland we must pay quite a high VAT rate. It’s to keep our schools schooled and our politicians completely average. If you don’t want to pay tax I hear Panama is nice : p

Shipping. Shipping is calculated for you at checkout and added to your total. Shipping is generally calculated by weight and if it's going out from the whest of Ireland on how much the post clerk likes my flirting. We will always try and get you the best possible rate, but sometimes my flirting is so poor that the post office just charges the going rate.