FUQs - Pre-Loved Collection


Wot bout all dat consumerism you've gone and did in the past then? -Russell Brand

 Well that's fair and that's why I have made a pre-loved collection. I almost don’t like saying pre-loved because it implies we had a break up. We didn’t. We still love you clothes, but a penchant for cake breaks, hedonism and moscow mules mean it’s not going to work right now. Just because I can’t have you – doesn’t mean someone else can’t. Clearly I have an unhealthy attachment to clothes in a way that would make Marie Kondo fall from her uncomplicated, uncluttered, simplisticly lovely feet. “Ginger, you must learn to let go”.  She’d say before I greedily put on everything I owned all at once resulting in her awkwardly leaving but not before branding me 'a lost cause'.

 Well fuck you imaginary Marie because I’m not a lost cause. I’ve made a plan.

Not only will the Pre-Loved collection help with sustainability, but a donation to charity will be also made on each sale from this section. I have selected three charities that are close to our hearts here, but if you have a charity that you’d prefer to donate to – let us know. If you make a good case and the charity is legit (i.e not a religious/money laundering hellhole) then we will do that on your behalf no problem.