FUQs - Company Background

Company Background - Past

This first question came in from Freud. Thanks Dad. I mean Freud

“Vat vas your kinderhood like?” -Freud

“What - tell you everything?”

“Vell, if you could just summarise growing up in the 90's in an unnecessary long paragraph vat you should definitely not put up on your vebsite vat vud be great” - Freud

OMG no problem you should’ve just asked….”

The 90's. Consumerism was in and I was on top of my gimme gimme game. Bublegum coloured doodahs. Yes. Neon shiny thingys. Obviously. Furry leopard print whatchamacallits. Well yes I’ll clearly need more of them. Pogs. Yes. Gaudy buttoned pants. More. Plastic Ken to keep plastic Sindy company. Yes. Posters of tragic cats. More I say!

Then one day in a Mr Frosty brain-freeze-brain-wave I realised something - the more stuff you have the less you tend to respect and appreciate it. It was basic moral maths; If I have six tonnes of Sylvanian families how will I ever have time to appreciate my three buckets of beeping* Tamagotchis?

*I’m not politely swearing. There were these things in the 90s that beeped when they needed care or when their batteries needed changing. Kind of like grandad, but if he knew how to use his panic button correctly.

So I've taken a lot of themes from my childhood (basically think Spice Girls, shiny stuff and bake sales) and poured it into a sustainable collection of clothing and accessories. To find out how - keep reading Mr Freud*

*Mr Freud had to leave as someone called Oedipus just got their paternity results.