FUQs - Company Shipping Times

Shipping Times

This next question is from Veruca Salt.

When will I get my blobfish goooooods?!

When you’ve finished all your dinner. Er alternatively we will send you updates on your item(s) as your order is being readied and tracking as soon as it ships out. The only exception to that is the Pre-Loved collection which I will send you a personal email about. Things that could slow down your good times Veruca …well that pesky global pandemic for a start. Obviously things are moving a bit slower than usual at the moment. Please be understanding that we need to keep our lovely Oompa Loopas alive and so that may result in a few minor delays here and there. But sure look - how smug will you feel when your alive postman delivers your unreal Ginger Plait original design items to your door? “Mmmm” you’ll say into the mirror. “I’m looking patienty good today.”